MPOA Board of Directors  2021/2022

President – Dave Gallagher
Secretary/Treasurer – Dick Brocket
Larry Sikma, Director & Mike Wever Vice President
Our Association Manager, Don Shinn



Your Meadowmont Property Owners Association Board of Directors are always Hard at Work, Here are some of the Things We Do:

  • Follow CCC Davis Sterling Laws for Community Associations
  • (BRC) Building Review Committee approves improvements and tree removal.  Please submit our BRC Form found on the bottom of the Home Page for all external improvements, & additions to your property along with Tree Removals
  • Membership / Respond to Escrow Demands, COA, & Dues accounts 
  • Signs & Junk Respond to Written Complaints and observations of  CC&R/BRC Violations
  • Notify Owners of BRC/CC&R Violations and CC&R/PRC 4291 Fire Code Violations.  Conduct Member Hearings for compliance
  • Attend Local Ebbetts Pass Property Owners Council (EPPOC)  Currently via Zoom
  • Conduct Monthly Board Meetings & Annual Membership meeting in July
  • Election Committee / 3 Director Positions are now open on the Board
  • Mail Semi Annual Newsletters with Budget Notice in JUNE & Financial Report in NOV
  • Secure necessary Insurance Coverage as required by CCC.

NOTE:  Gov Docs= Articles of Inc. Bylaws & CC&R & Adopted Rules & Regulations

CC&R = Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for our Residential Community.

CCC= Calif Corporations Code

PRC 4291= Public Resource Code 4291 Fire Safety Regulations

BRC Building Review Committee