“Quick Steps for Evacuation Preparation”

1.Gather flammable materials from outside and put them in the house or in a pool;

2.Turn off propane tanks;

3.Move propane barbecue grills away from structures;

4.Connect hoses outside for use by firefighters and put filled water buckets around the house;

5.Turn off sprinklers to maintain water pressure;

6.Leave outdoor lights on to make home visible to firefighers;

7.Put an emergency supply kit in vehicle;

8.Back car into the driveway with doors and windows closed; carry car keys;

9.Place ladder at the corner of house for firefighters to access the roof;

10.Seal the attic and ground vents with precut plywood or seals;

11.Monitor the fire situation; don’t wait for an evacuation order if you feel threatened;

12.Check on neighbors and make sure they’re preparing to leave;

13.Shut all windows and doors, but leave them unlocked;

14.Remove flammable window shades and curtains;

15.Move flammable furniture away from windows and doors;

16.Shut off gas at the meter and turn off pilot lights;

17.Leave interior lights on so firefighters can see your house in heave smoke;

18.Locate your pets and keep them nearby.