Gunshots Heard

We have a report of recreational gunshots being fired into the woods. Location is near Fairway above the Arnold Rim Trail. Request is given to please do this elsewhere, far away from homes, people, ART and be responsible with your activity..


We are currently experiencing problems with our email account. Members and Title companies who have sent email, your correspondence may have been lost. Repairs are in process.

Title companies are reminded that emails should be sent to: [email protected]

We are hoping to have this fixed shortly. Thank you

CCWD Water Rates Notice

Recently, we have become aware of some Member concerns about the pending CCWD water rate increases. Questions should be directed to CCWD 209-954-3543. There is a CCWD complaint form that must be used. There is also a deadline for people to submit their concerns on this matter. Again. please contact CCWD for this information & the CCWD form.

MPOA Board of Directors

Call For Candidates MPOA BOD

Notice to Members:

Our Annual Meeting on SAT July 9th @ 11am will, by Member voting; confirm Members to your Board of Directors. We will also have a free BBQ at White Pines Picnic Area.

We thank our long standing Board members for their ongoing services to our wonderful community.

Please welcome our newly appointed Board Member, Derrick Wydick, who was recently appointed to your Board per our Bylaws. He also accepted the position of Secretary to the HOA.

We are sorry to say good bye to Mike Weaver as he has sold his home.

Per our Bylaws: We now have 3 vacant positions on the Board. Members: If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact us and also attend our Regular meetings held on the second Tuesday of every month @7pm at the Chapel In the Pines cabin #1 on Cedar Drive in Arnold, CA.

NOTE Some summer meetings are held at the White Pines Lake Picnic Area, off Blagen RD.

Thank You!

EPPOC.ORG New Website

Great way to find out what’s Happening……now!

Ebbetts Pass Property Owners’ Council = E.P.P.O.C. now has its own website / Online you can now view their current: Agenda, Minutes and info on what’s really happening in our County via, our Sheriff, HWY Patrol, EPFD, Cal Fire, CCWD. You can alo ZOOM into the meeting!

You can be also get in touch with your District 3 Supervisor Merita Calloway:  Phone: (209) 286-9007 Email: [email protected]

EPPOC is a local group of leaders of Property Owners Associations that meets monthly at the Firehouse on Blagan Rd on the first Wednesday of every month @ 9:30 am to SHARE. During the pandemic, their meetings have been held via Zoom. The Minutes are shared to share excellent current information on important Local topics, events, improvements and stats from Sheriff and HWY Patrol.

The group is comprised of Homeowners, Board Members and numerous City, County, Sheriff, Cal Fire, EPFD, & Business Owners along with invited speakers. Guests are always welcome to attend. Speakers share current information on all sorts of local projects , activities and helpful announcements.

On their new website EPPOC.ORG you will find their current Meeting Agenda with prior meeting Minutes that we hope you will review to find out what is going on in Calaveras County & Arnold!

G.A.B.A Greater Arnold Business Assoc. is now back in service to the Community. New Signs: Shop Local & Arnold Heart of the Sierra are in place. MPOA Membership supports their efforts to improve our Community.

Be Bear Aware!!!

We have reports of bear activity in our community due to unsecured trash, pet food on a deck and treats that were stored in a vehicle.  Bears have a keen sense of smell!  Any food items can be an invitation to attacking you and damaging your home or vehicle!  Always be Bear Aware in the Sierra.  They are very Agile!

Bears and critters can make a mess!  Install a metal locking Bear Safe!

Bears can do major damage to vehicles with food inside, Dont let this happen to you!

Air Med Ambulance Helicopter Service

MPOA is a member of Air Med 530-648-6435 for providing emergency ambulance flight Insurance.  As a member of MPOA they will give you a discounted rate.  An air evacuation can be quite expensive and may not be covered by your own Insurance.

Please,Everyone Needs to Help Remove Pet Waste

It seems that a constant problem in our community is animal waste left on properties. It smells, attracts flies and  is just not healthy.  It just makes scents!

Feral Cats, Dogs, Bears and Raccoons are the culprits and also owners who don’t pick up their pet’s waste.

Please carry plastic bags and clean up the waste when you walk your pet.  Owners also need to remove waste along the roadway in front of your property.

Either dig a hole and bury it or bag it and drag it to your garbage can.

We hope everyone will help with this on going situation.  THANK YOU!

VERY IMPORTANT INFO from CCWD & PG&E Regarding potential power outages when weather & wind conditions prevail. Be prepared!

EPPOC Draft pre-approved Minutes August 2019

Please review the above link for very important information from CCWD and PG&E with information on potential mandatory power outages and potential water shortages due to fire conditions.

PSPS  Public Safety / Power Shutoff is a real possibility.  1 week water and power shortages are a possibility for our zip code area due to fire & wind conditions.

If you would like to be notified of these Public Safety Outages in your zip code location, sign up

at 1-877-9000-PGE or the web locations below.